Vice Presidents

LCCC Vice Presidents

Vice Presidents

To be awarded a Vice Presidency at Lane Cove is an honour.  At first glance, a dubious honour – after all, who would want to be the President’s 2IC?  And why are there 30 / 31 / so many of them?  Once you’re made aware of the perks, its not as bad as it seems.  The role is given in recognition of occasionally lifting a finger when the club requires it; you don’t have to do anything, the title is just for show; and there’s a booze up held in your honour every season, usually at a Masters match or VP’s Invitational XI game.  Thus, Vice Presidents are enviable and well-respected figures who should be envied and well respected, like these gentlemen and lady below.

H. Anderson S. Flynn D. Harris B. Richardson
T. Beattie L. Frankish R. Higgins C. Robertson
G. Boyle R.R. Frazer J. Hill T. Ryan
P. Bullock A. French M. Holmes G. Schaper
T. Cunningham C. Granger A. Irwin
J. Sharp
N. Dettmann I. Green M. Mitchell D. Treweek
J.H. Dettmann M. Hallman S. Myers P. Watkins
I. Fairall A. Harris E. Petrie

Current senior playing member

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