TWIC Round 6 – Penno

1st Grade

The Covie boys arrived at Pennant Hills Oval on a high and determined to keep the winning feelings flowing. With Pennant Hills winning the toss and electing to bat on a deck that looked to have early life, the Covies came out strong with Liam O’Hare striking first, Max Dodds offloading to Damo Naughton behind the pegs as the Covies fired up having Penno 1 for 17. The other opener looked to show his intent attempting to swing his way out of trouble connecting with the odd one. Very frustrating for the Covie boys as momentum began to shift ever so slightly. However the ‘on a coin’ specialist Alex Jenkins entered the attack slurpin on Covie coloured Strepsils for improved accuracy. A few balls in and he’s dismissed the swinging opener caught behind with Doddsy swallowing it. With the Penno bats coming in and going, Jenko caused havoc by bowling with patience staying in the corridor of uncertainty claiming the next 8 poles for 16 runs in a devastating 10 over spell of fast bowling. This not including Jenko bowling their no. 10 off a front foot no ball. Zen came on and bowling to his field, dismissed their no. 4 who showed resistance top scoring with 43. Great fielding effort to hang onto all ten opportunities by our boys, Penno all out for 103 in 34.3 overs.

We started our innings shakily after Ricko, Zen and Pira missed straight ones getting trapped in front, Naughto played at a wide one he should have left and Choco was too busy thinking about his favourite film Hotel Rwanda to focus on batting – 5/54. Doddsy miss timed one too many just as we thought he would scratch his way to the target, but Eddy was still at the other end looking as solid as his landscaping and with man of the moment Jenko, got us the 6 points 6 down. With some overs left in the day we kept batting and after Jenk threw it away, in came Corny to support Eddy to his well deserved half century. Ed eventually picked out a fielder and in strode Hairy. A bit of conflict came out with the Corn Dog wanting to play for his average and the Slug wanting to get some quick runs anticipating a declaration. Corn Dog heeled and the two tail enders picked up the pace including a very well run 4 and a huuuuuuuuuuge Corny 6 off the last ball of the day.

We came back on day 2 with the 10 points in our sights and after a long discussion over whether to declare or not, our fearless leader decided to give our tail enders 5 overs to pile on the runs. After Hairy farmed the early strike, Corny, confused with his new, unfamiliar role decided to guide his first ball straight to first slip. Hairy suddenly freaked out realising he was batting with ticking time bomb Joe Scarcella and after smashing a couple of fours, like a true batsman blew up about getting given out having being struck halfway up middle. We were all out for 187, 84 runs in the lead.

With the rain on the way, quick poles were in order and boy did our opening bowlers oblige. Hairy had the ball on a string to pick up his second 5 fa of the season and Joey found his groove with Lane Cove’s Cameron Bancroft under the lid at bat pad, rolling through Penno’s line up. One hit wonder Jenko came into the attack to give Joey a breather but unfortunately couldn’t repeat his performance a week earlier only getting the solitary pole. Pretty flawless performance from our boys other than Choco not seeing a dolly at 3rd slip, rolling Penno for 65. Picking up the last wicket amid drops of rain, the heavens opened up about 20 minutes later and as word filtered through of other results, we were top of the table! We head up the M2 next round to take on Norwest and hopefully continue our winning streak into the new year.

2nd Grade

Coming off the back of a disappointing loss to Georges River, the 2’s were keen to get their season back on track with a win against Pennant Hills. Skipper Pete Blood won the toss, making it three in a row, and elected to bat on what was a solid Tantallon deck. Rigon and Fletcher opened things up with Fletch showing promising signs, reaching 20 before unfortunately edging one behind. Rigon was next to go, edging one at the other end the following over.

With his new stick in hand, Tommy “the ghost” Bristow, batted well with Rob Blood, who together set the foundations for what looked to be a solid partnership.

However, Bristow and Crazy’s wickets fell in quick succession which saw the Blood’s in together. The pair battled, before Pete was unlucky to be fired LBW for 14. Next to the crease was 2nd Grade debutant James Needham. He and Rob dug deep to form a strong partnership which ultimately turned the Covie’s innings around. Rob made a disciplined 41 of 118 rocks as James continue on, batting with positive intent as he took on Pennant Hill’s spinners.

Dindy was unlucky to go early and Dowey spent a solid amount of time at the crease, turning the strike over to James, who finished with an entertaining 76 of 88 balls.

As the Covie’s innings came to a close, Man City and Raj exchanged some heated words as they battled to prove who is the genuine #10 batsman. Raj took the upper hand this week, seeing red ink as Lane Cove fell all out for 210.

With 10 overs left in the day, Man City (aka Kathy), took the new ball along side Tommy Bristow. The pair each took a pole which left Pennant Hill’s at 2-20 at the end of the day’s play.

City and Bristow started off Day 2 where they left off, each bagging another quick pole which saw Pennant Hill’s struggling at 4-48. As the threat of rain became more and more apparent, Bristow claimed his third peg, before hatrick hero Dindy, took a vital peg at the other end. Raj and Dowey looked dangerous, both bowling good spells before Bristow took another peg to claim his 4fa.

However, it was the rain which came out on top at the end of the day, falling as Pennant Hill’s were 7-125, resulting in a draw that was very hard to swallow for the 2’s boys.

3rd Grade

With a hard fight for points against penno the mighty 3rd grade ballers had a big chance to sweep up 10 points. However with complications to Ben Sykes poor music choices and only 5 players playing from the round before it was always going to be tough. Winning the toss and batting on a hard green deck, the covies made 120 with Nick Mytkowski scoring 30, Aled Morris scoring 21 and Nick kelland scoring 14. While some entertaining shots where played during the dual Nick stand with some bombs being hit, neither went on to make a substantial score. . Penno came out in typical cowboy style in an effort to quickly chase down the runs. Some terrific bowling from My Name Is pinned the run rate down. Scotty on his return to 3rd grade snaffled 2 ripper catches, with the poles being shared around the bowling attack. Unable to to build enough pressure in the field, Penno chased it 5 down. Covies were in the back seat. . Penno immediately declared with 12 overs to play, giving the covies a chance for a fight back. In typical covie fashion, the day ended 4/22 with many a straight delivery being missed, with some serious body guarding being done by the Nick combo. The second innings being no better at only Nick Mytkowski was the only person to score 10+ (26) as covies only put a lead of 60. Some early missed catches destroyed any chance of the covies giving Penno a run to the death, again finishing the 2nd dig 5 down.

4th Grade

It was with great excitement that the 4s boys arrived at the home of cricket for out round 6 clash with Pennant Hills. With a strong mixture of old blokes and kids a spirted warm up was completed with the young guns taking out the prize. Fat skip then managed to win his 5th Toss of the season to keep a 100% record and decided to bat on a fairly hard KSO pitch. With Fat Skip moving back to the opening role along side young gun Rex Quail, it was truly a case of the odd couple. Things started well for the Covies with Fat Skip hitting out and Rex knuckling down. Fat Skip finally missed a straight one on 27 to bring Ross in. He went early to a bad decision and Billy the kid then took up the charge. Billy and Rex batted well until he was bowled around the legs to a quick which brought in John Lyons. Rex and John, batted well till after Tea when John got caught of Shane Warns love child. Meanwhile Rex was still batting on.

He was finally gone in the 51st over after an epic innings of 19 off 155 balls. Great effort buddy. The innings ended quickly from there with not much resistance unfortunately. All out 146. Some good signs but ultimately a little disappointing. After a fairly epic spray from Fat Skip, the Covies took the field for 11 overs at the Penno boys. 2 poles followed before stumps to create some hope for the following weekend where we needed to knock over a few to get to their tale and hopefully a six point result.

Things started well on Day two with one of the Pennant Hills Boys leaving one on middle stump. Unfortunately a solid partnership then followed with Penno batting even slower that Rex. With rain clouds building the batsman decided to face out 5 overs of maidens from the meek offerings of Fat Skip and Old man time. Tea was taken, good spread b the way, and the skies opened with Penno 40 behind. Despite the opposition captain insisting that we stick around till 6.30 on the off chance the torrential rain may stop we called it off at 5.30 with a draw.

A mixed result from the Covies, but hopes are high for round 7 against North West