This Week In Covieland


Welcome to This Week in Covieland! Where every round there is a banterous write up on each team’s proceedings and no doubt a good exercise in anger management for some of the skippers. Click on the links below to read up on the antics of the Frothy Fourths,  the youth wisdom of Thirsty Third’s captain Nick Mytkowski, the attempted wit of Peter Blood as he reflects on the Tindering Twos’ performance and throws one or two players under the bus, or get your fortnighly dose of crazy from First Grade delegate, Crazy Joe Devola (née Camarsh), where something crazy always happens when he’s in the middle. Enjoy! #carnthecovies

2017/18 Season:

Round 1 v Mac Uni –

Round 2 v Souffs –



2016/17 Season archive:

Round 4 – wash out