Second grade chase down huge total against Auburn

After perfectly orchestrating an outright win against Roseville by an innings (in a similar fashion to Australia v West Indies match) 2nd grade went into the match against auburn feeling quietly confident, except Rhys who didn’t shut up for two weeks. We had decided to shed some older experienced players including a combined age of 200 for the game feeling youth and energy would be the added spark needed to overcome our foes. It also helped there was an elton John concert on which helped team selection this week. With dad out of the team it was time for SWs to step up in the role of father for the game.


We started the game as we usually do, bowling first in hot conditions perfect for batting. Charlie and Rhys started the new ball and got some consistency and pressure and started things off well for us. Man city got a few controversial lbw decisions turned down due to the umpire unable to project where the ball would go after it slammed into his pads. This fired Rhys up even more than subway running out of meatball subs when he is hungry. Anyway Coxy and Kieran followed up this pressure and at drinks we had them 3/45 and then 6/90. The pressure even got to the batsmens heads with a batter throwing his glove out Charlie after Charlie gave him a Huge ‘send off’ when given lbw. The umpire then bodyguarded him out of the stadium in a similar way to ricco gets escorted away from primary schools.


We went to tea boyish with our performance and knew this game was being played on our terms. After a nice spread of food provided by the boys that kept Pete Blood happy for the time being, we resumed bowling. Our little superstar Alex siddhu came onto bowl and produced a great spell of 24 overs. We were on top of the game with auburn 7/108. The boys stayed chirpy with OSYoung being told to stop abusing the batsmen by both umpires ‘even though he agreed with everything you r saying” (umpire chat)


Anyway we let the game get away from us a lil bit and ended day one with auburn 9/258 after a few dropped catches and plenty of dropped heads. People were saying the candle in the wind was fading on this game for lame cove. (That’s the only elton song I know beazer)


We turned up the next week well rested (in bed by 7am) and well hydrated ready to take the final wicket. The day didn’t go to plan with ricco dropping a catch of Rhys in the second over. They ended up declaring with the score 9/292. We knew we had made it tough on ourselves but still had belief in our batting line up. This didnt start well with youngy getting out for a duck int he first over. Luckily dad (SWs) took over and picked up the slack from the other end. Young recruit Christian king came in and looked good from the start. He got caught behind from 15 and thankfully didn’t walk because the umpire said not out. This turned out to be a decisive moment in the game. SWs ended up getting bowled for 30 then ricco ran himself out for 10 even though he will say it wasn’t his fault. Pete blood got a new haircut for the game and looked like a cricketer. Unfortunately his looks couldn’t help him bat and he was shortly out for zero. The score was 4/80 perfectly placed for the other blood, Rob to come in and play his natural game.


Rob and Christian kicked it into 4th gear and started the fight back. This soon turned into 5th and then 6th gear. The pair added 121 runs with rob adding 63 before he ended up getting caught out. This brought the sleek scrox to the crease. Christian brought up his 50 after losing 3 kgs in running between the wickets. We still needed 130 runs from the last 20 overs from the game. Sam was running like a bloke in a wheel chair, he decided boundaries were going to work out better for him. Christian was struggling with having batted for 60 overs yet he was still hitting it cleanly. He brought up his second ton of the season and negotiated the required run rate below 6 an over. Sam was getting bored so he hit a few sixes and brought up his 50 off 35 balls to which he walked up to Christian to tell him ‘remember that time I scored a 50 against auburn’ . With a partnership of 102 runs Sam got himself out so Kieran wouldn’t be a wes for the day. Kieran came in and like Hussey in that amazing Adelaide affair hit the final 3 runs required through the slips to bring up an enormous run chase with 2 overs to spare. The hero being Christian who ended out 126*. This was the largest run chase in lane cove history.


The boys cheered them off smashed out the song, finished off the beers and everyone got capped in fines simply due to contribution expenses. Back to back wins to head into Christmas, looks like we were all good boys this year.


3 Points- Christian King (126*)

2 Points- Sam Cox (50 & 3-30)

1 Point- Rob Blood (61)