Achieved and Impending Milestones

Lane Cove Cricket Club has a frugal yet endearing history, and whilst the club works towards winning a 2nd Club Championship (the single previous occasion being in 1969/70, Brian Scott’s first season), there are a number of personal milestones that will be eternally glorified in this tiny corner of the global interwebberblog.

The 2010/11 season is Lane Cove Cricket Club’s 118th, and in that time only:

  • 20 players have passed 4,000 runs.
  • 10 players have passed 400 wickets.
  • 10 players have passed 100 wicketkeeping dismissals.
  • 9 players have passed 100 catches.

After 2010/11, the following milestones impend breakage:





7,000 runs

Ahhhh John needs 133 more runs.5,500 runs


Brendan Hood needs 44 more runs.

5,000 runs

Damian Naughton needs 153 more runs.

3,000 runs

Stu Myers needs 46 more runs.

Geof Sundstrom needs 64 more runs.

2,500 runs

Iain Davidson needs 24 more runs.

1,000 runs

Bryan Dempsey needs 19 more runs.

Paddy Tompsett needs 31 more runs.

Martyn Potts needs 53 more runs.

Stephen Flynn needs 76 more runs.

Jack Gayleard needs 149 more runs.

500 runs

Louis Putnam-Gray needs 6 more runs.

Peter Mallyon needs 25 more runs.

Nick Trumbull needs 59 more runs.

Mark Schaafsma needs 117 more runs.

Marty Tzikas needs 136 more runs.

Ken Slade needs 380 more runs.

250 wickets

Craig Robertson needs 24 more wickets.200 wickets


Stuart Myers needs 17 more wickets.150 wickets

Sean Dunn needs 9 more wickets.

100 wickets

Luke Higgins needs 13 more wickets.

Craig Preston needs 21 more wickets.

Nick Trumbull needs 22 more wickets.

Geof Sundstrom needs 24 more wickets.


50 wickets

Martyn Potts needs 1 more wicket.

Jamie Dempsey needs 3 more wickets.

Ken Slade needs 3 more wickets.

Gerald Cornelius needs 6 more wickets.

Jack Gayleard needs 12 more wickets.

Paddy Tompsett needs 16 more wickets.

Steve Campbell needs 16 more wickets.


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