Smitty Gump Goes For Gold / Chocolate

Smithy Bolts for Covie Glory!

Day three of the SCG test between Australia and South Africa carried many highlights, not least Peter Siddle’s 4 over burst after tea. However Siddle was obviously inspired by Covie speed demon Glen Smith who took out the 200m handicap sprint against NSW contracted cricketers during the Tea break.  Club Secretary Gerard Boyle attempted to document the historic event on film, but his phone camera was woefully inadequate and the software used to change the video format left a bloody bright big blob of text on the screen so all it really does is share the P Man’s commentary with the world… definitely worth a look then.

Glen Smith Bolts for Covie Glory…

Smitty’s efforts didn’t go unnoticed by the local rags.  The Sydney Morning Herald were keen to know more about our Smitty and helped themselves to a short interview with the man which was published in the following day’s morning edition, seen below.

forrest smitty - small

Our sources couldn’t pinpoint the location of Covie Superduperstar Peter Cross during the race, but he was gracious enough to later say that he “isn’t jealous” and “doesn’t mind the people at LCCC writing articles about other players as long as its just an occasional thing”.  Thank you Peter.

Historical Eye Witness Accountant Johnny on the Spot Special

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