2009/10: Rounds 1 – 7

1st prize – $210:  Simon Rowe
2nd prize – $125:  Luke Higgins
3rd prize – $85:  Wes Pres

1st:   Hippy XI – Simon Rowe
J.Lloyd, S.Myers, J.Sharp, I.Phelps, G.Boyle, B.Richardson, W.Lewis, I.Sarfraz, M.Smith, J.Gayleard, E.Scrivens.

2nd:   meow – Luke Higgins
B.Hood, J.Lloyd, M.Schaafsma, I.Phelps, M.Doherty, B.Scott, L.Higgins, W.Lewis, M.Smith, M.Potts, J.Clarke.

3rd:   My Michelle’s a better 1st Lady than Obama’s – Gerard Boyle
G.Smith, J.Lloyd, S.Myers, S.Campbell, G.Boyle, B.Scott, P.Tompsett, G.Sundstrom, M.Smith, J.Clarke, P.Slater.

4th:   Another F League which favours the bowlers – Brendan Hood
S.Myers, T.McDonald, J.Sharp, I.Phelps, G.Boyle, N.Trumbull, G.Sundstrom, K.Slade, S.Garry, J.Gayleard, B.Craig.

5th:   Another $20 Donation – Glen Smith
G.Smith, J.Lloyd, J.Sharp, S.Campbell, I.Phelps, B.Scott, P.Thakur, K.Slade, M.Smith, G.Cornelius, J.Anders.

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