2005/06: Rounds 8 – 13

Fantasy League: Rounds 8 – 13

3166 —1st Place … $360: Law 24- Cameron Bezer
J.D.Harpham, A.Krishnaswamy, R.Higgins, A.Harris, J.Lloyd, T.Holt, C.Bezer, S.Dunn, B.Fillingham, I.Davidson, P.Backhouse.

3011— 2nd Place … $180: Da Bros – James Harpham
D.Naughton, J.Barry, J.D.Harpham, P.Tompsett, B.Tompsett, S.Hunter, M.Barry, J.N.Harpham, T.Naughton, O.Fisher, P.Backhouse.

2874— 3rd Place … $108: Benny’s Boobs- Benedict Tompsett
B.Hood, M.Stone, R.Higgins, J.Lloyd, B.Tompsett, T.Holt, S.Dunn, J.N.Harpham, T.Naughton, A.Maxwell, O.Fisher.

2872— 4th Place … Kit bag: Arse Ventura – Crack Detective – Alexander Dodds
B.Hood, J.Hinton, M.Stone, J.Lloyd, B.Tompsett, S.Hunter, A.Dodds, S.Dunn, S.Flynn, C.Camarsh, P.Backhouse.

2864— 5th Place … Commiserations: A Lethal Dose of Lloyd – Paul Backhouse
M.Warren, M.Stone, C.McKay, A.Krishnaswamy, R.Higgins, P.Mallyon, A.Dodds, P.Langtry, B.Fillingham, C.Camarsh, P.Backhouse.

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