Closet Covies – The Blood Brothers

Players Profile

Name: Pete Blood                                  Name: Rob Blood

Nickname: Petey                                    Nickname: Robbie

Matches: 30                                               Matches: 28

Aggregate Runs: 561                             Aggregate Runs: 565

Average: 16.03                                          Average: 17.66

High Score: 59                                          High Score: 61

Batting Awards: 2                                    Batting Awards: 0

Wickets: 2                                                    Wickets: 6

Catches: 8                                                    Catches: 9

Favourite Movie: Happy Gilmore       Favourite Movie: Billy Maddison

Favourite Colour: Aqua                          Favourite Colour: Turquoise



JR: YES THE BLOODS!!! Good to see you boys.

PB: G’day Rick.

RB: Hey Ricko.

JR: The Waugh brothers, the Johns brothers, the Campbell sisters… these names are synonymous with Australian sport. Where do the Blood brothers sit?

RB: Who are the Campbell sisters?

PB: I reckon right up there hey. We probably don’t have the stats like the Waugh brothers, nor do we have the humour or natural talent of the Johns brothers. But we’re really close and love a cheeky date night together. So I reckon we’re our own brand.

JR: And who wins in backyard cricket?

RB: Me.  

PB: We have had some really tight battles. I’m generally the more passionate one, used to get real lippy and punchy when we were 12. But I’m pretty settled these days. Yeah nah it was always pretty even between us though. You win some you lose some, you’ve just really got to find a way, even if it’s against your own brother. Top of off, line and length. Just really grind it out with the bat too. Get to 20 balls, playing in the V. Wait for the bad ball. Leave balls outside off. Really solid cricket you know.

JR: I see you’ve been practicing your captain’s pre game speeches Pete.

PB: Is it that obvious?

RB: He can’t even win a toss.

PB: err shut up, you can’t score a run.

RB: Neither can you.

PB: More than y…

JR: Boys boys!! Come on, it’s just a bit of fun, no need to get competitive.

RB: … Dickhead

PB: I guess it’s just in our Blood to be a bit competitive. Ha get it?? It’s in our Blood. Classic! Better looking AND funnier.


*Ad Director knocks on the door*


Director: So Rob you’re going to come into the shot with a V in your hand. Then Pete you’re going to say “but that’s pretty much just me with a V”. Then an extra will say “He’s just a bit better at cricket than you”. Music will start playing and girls will come dancing in handing Rob some beers. All good?

RB: Sounds good mate.

PB: Yeah whatever.

Ricko: What’s going on here?

PB: V got in contact with us seeing if we wanted to be in an ad. Now I love a good film and thought this was my big chance to get into that world so naturally, I jumped at the opportunity. Then I find out that someone at V had been looking at MyCricket and seen that Rob had almost the exact same stats as me but slightly better. By the time we got told what the ad was about we’d already signed contracts. Bloody furious.

RB: Love it.

Ricko: That is amazing! Uncouth!

PB: Can we talk about something else?

Ricko: Fair enough… So Robbie word has it you’ve been getting mistaken for a few Covies lately. First Schaafs and then there’s the uncanny resemblance to Maxy. There’s even a chameleon fine now. What’s going on there?

RB: No idea. Guess I just have one of those faces.

PB: Yeah an ugly one.

RB: We have the same looking face.

PB: Yeah but yours is uglier. Am I right Ricko?

Ricko: Ahh I’ll stay out of this one. 2s had a good day on Saturday Petey. Is this the turning point for the season?

PB: Yeah bloody good day. We’ve been building for a while now. I’ve been able to hide myself down the order a bit. That dickhead won’t have the better average for long.

Ricko: Is that what this is all about? Out scoring Robbie?

PB: Don’t get me wrong, I love a covie win as much as anyone… but if I happen to score more runs than Rob in the process then even better.

RB: *cough* high score *cough*

PB: *cough* batting awards *cough*

RB: *cough* favourite child *cough*

PB: Stop saying that!!

*Pete launches a pillow at Rob*

RB: F*** off that was the zipper!

PB: Ha pussy.

*Rob throws a punch, fight breaks out*

Ricko: This’ll do me. See you boys at training hopefully in one piece!

*This closet covie is brought to you by V: The massive hit that improves you a bit*