Closet Covie – Rex Quail

Player Profile

Name: Rex Aaron Quail

Nickname: T Rex

Favourite Australian Test Player: Mitchell Starc

Favourite Covie Player: Zen Malik




Ricko: G’day Rexy, thanks for taking time to have a chat.


Quail: Yeah no problems Jarrod, do you need anything?


Ricko: Ahh a glass of water would be fantastic actually.


Quail: Yeah no problems. Would you like tap or fridge water?


Ricko: Just tap water is fine thanks mate.


Quail: Would you like a tall or small glass?


Ricko: Small glass will do me.


*Rex hands Ricko glass of water*


Ricko: Cheers mate.

Quail: Would you like some ice cubes in it?

Ricko: No mate, might get going on the interview if you don’t mind.

Quail: You don’t want a snack? Mum made some cookies or there’s some apples.

Ricko: I’m alright mate. Let’s just do the interview?

Quail: Yes no worries, I’m just going to have an apple. Let me know if you need any more water.

Ricko: Ok cheers. So Rex, you’ve missed the last couple of games due to holidays. How was it?

Quail: I hated it. I begged dad to let me stay at home but he forced me to come. I took my ball on a string with me but it’s just not the same. There often wasn’t space in the hotels to set it up so I would just hit a tennis ball up against my bedroom wall using a broomstick. A bit like Bradman you know? But I am back training properly since coming home to make sure I’m ready for the next round.


Ricko: How about your Christmas?


Quail: Yeah we had a really good backers sesh. I was seeing them pretty well I gotta say. Zen was bowling some good areas though so I tried using my feet a bit to disrupt his length. I thought if I could just get through his spell I could pick off the rest of the family. I think it was the right plan but he got me a few times. I was really proud of my bowling most of all though. Came around the wicket to my younger brother and worked him over with the short ball. He kept complaining to dad but I didn’t let up, he’s got to learn. Dad has got a bit erratic in his older age so it’s just a matter of time with him. I was consistent with my areas and he threw it away. Mum is a shell of a cricketer she once was. A couple of comments under my breath and she loses all composure. Zen was tough admittedly, I had trouble working him out. But yeah all in all a successful day.


Ricko: Haha good stuff mate. Any good presents?


Quail: Yeah I got everything on my wishlist. Steve Smith’s autobiography, the forged in fire documentary about the ashes and a brand new kookaburra to use in the nets. Santa got me the ball and my parents got me the other two. Nothing from Zen though which I was a little upset about.


Ricko: What’s it like having Zen live with you?


Quail: Yeah it’s the best we get along really well. I think it’s based on the fact that we have a lot of respect for each other and a mutual love for cricket. He’s really helped develop my cricket and I’m not afraid to say I think I’ve really helped his. We’ve been doing 2 sessions a day in my school holidays and we’ve both become a lot better at batting for long periods of time I think. He just hit his third century for the season and if he keeps training with me I doubt it will be the last.


Ricko: Speaking of batting for long periods of time, I want to talk about an innings of yours earlier in the season. 19 off 155 balls. Quite a knock especially for a young kid. Really impressive I’ve gotta say.


Quail: Thanks Ricko, that means a lot coming from you. Yeah I spoke to the skip before we went out about what he wanted from me and what shots I could/couldn’t play. He just said to back myself and trust my instincts. The pitch was a bit sticky and playing a bit slow so I realised it wasn’t safe to cover drive. Once I put that shot away it really limited how I could get out so I just focused on getting forward and playing under my nose. Wickets were falling at the other end but I tried to not let it faze me as I now knew what my job was. Unfortunately I snicked off just after a wicket had fallen which was frustrating because I’m always told to consolidate after a wicket but all in all I was pretty pleased with my effort. It was also really nice to get validation from the skip. I told Zen about it that night and he seemed really proud of me. I think he told some of the other first graders as well because at training that week a few of them came up to me and congratulated me. Yeah that was definitely a highlight.


Ricko: Great stuff mate. You must really enjoy mixing it with the boys in under 24s.


Quail: 24s is the best. Pira is a great skipper and I’m really enjoying learning under him. I’m also trying to get close to Doddsy because he is a great keeper and I really like the way he goes about his cricket. Definitely someone I look up to and want to be like in the future.


Ricko: I’ve heard about your effort against Lindfield in round 1 of 24s. Coming in 8 down still 17 runs to go on debut. You must have been nervous.


Quail: I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t. But once I got in the middle adrenaline took over and I was more focused on staying out there till the end. I managed to get off strike and block out a few and then when Tom hit the winning runs it was just the best feeling. All the boys getting around me at the end and patting me on the back. Yeah loved it.


Ricko: Corny was saying he loves how involved you get in 24s and thinks you’re really enjoying the banter. Any comment on that?


Quail: Corny said that? Wow. Yeah the banter is great. The boys call me T-Rex which is pretty funny. I’ve tried to start a thing where when I do something good someone yells out ‘that’s quaility.’ Get it? Like quality but Quaility coz of my last name. It hasn’t caught on yet though.


Ricko: Haha funny stuff mate. Here’s hoping! Well on that note we might finish up. Thanks for the chat and good luck for the rest of the season.


Quail: You’re welcome Jarrod, fancy a net while you’re here?


Ricko: Nah sorry mate I have to get going. Maybe next time.


Quail: Ok no worries. I’ll see what Zen is doing.